Thank You For Signing Up Personal Tinder Coaching

Thank you for signing up!

This is a personalised experience. You will receive a personal email from alex within 48 hours.

We are going to bring you into a tinder mastermind group on facebook.

Take high quality screen shots of your tinder profile, and bio. Include up to 20 photos you want alex to consider for your tinder profile.

You will be asked to make a video introduction in the facebook group, so be sure you know how to make live videos in the facebook app.

You can opt to do this privately via Whatsapp.

There are many people taking advantage of this offer, but we’ll bring you into the program ASAP. (24-48 hours).

In the meantime you now have instant access to Day Game Phone Game! Get started with the learning and infield video!

Admin Team @ 4 Week Natural.