Student | Oslo 2018

“I can honestly say that I’ve slept with and dated girls that would fit right in on the catwalk. I’ve had so many one night stands that I don’t care for them anymore.

As I’m now in my thirties I look back and think of what was the best of times, what was the best investments I ever did.

The best of times were weekends with the boys, parties, festivals, hunting, hiking, and laughing shitloads. And of course – hooking up with girls at the same times.

The best investments I ever did was time and money into personal development. I have done two bootcamps with 4WN, one in Oslo and one in Helsinki some years later. The first time I there was something in the back of my head nagging about the amount of money I was spending. The success I had after, hook-ups and the girlfriend I got, made me not care about the money at all. Looking back I would have paid more. The second bootcamp the money didn’t matter – I knew that Alex was going to deliver and that this would take the rest of my life in a different direction. And he did. I slept with 10 girls during the bootcamp and had so much fun with the guys. I am actually going to a festival this summer in Germany with two of the guys I met at the Oslo bootcamp way back. I am also keeping in touch with many of the Helsinki guys.

After the bootcamps it has just been so much easier meeting girls and getting the girls I want. I can honestly say that I’ve slept with and dated girls that would fit right in on the catwalk. I’ve had so many one night stands that I don’t care for them anymore unless the girl is super hot (and cool) or it’s a threesome with cuties. And yes I’ve had threesomes and I fucking loved it. And age? I hooked up with a banging hot 19 year old this year. There is not much left on my bucket list when it comes to the dating/sex world.

For anyone who meeting girls is an issue, or you want that super hot girlfriend, or just bang hotties – I would not hesitate to do Alex’ bootcamp. I think the long format of it is 100% NECESSARY to change how your brain works and have some lasting change in your psychology. And I can’t imagine anyone better than Alex to coach you.

Alex is really good at forming the program for you, based on your personality type. Giving you the right challenges to make a mental switch. SO many nights I went up to Alex and said that I wasn’t feeling it, or whatever it was. Alex would say one sentence and it completely switched my night around. From shit to amazing. This happened again and again, and was something me and the guys were fascinated from.

After both bootcamps I felt that alex went beyond what I hoped for. At the end of it he gives you direction for the future – and this was extremely helpful for me both times. You definitely get the feeling that you are connecting with Alex on a human/friend level as well. And he puts a lot of effort into finding out what your issues are, and most important move forward from them.

All in all. You will never regret it – it can only make you better. The money doesn’t mean shit when you have gotten 100x the success you would with just doing the same shit as before.”

Start DateCityStudentsCoachDeposit
03 OctLondon9Alex$999
14 NovMelbourne9Alex$999
6 JanKoh Samui9Alex$999
7 FebSydney DayGame9Alex$999
13 MarAustin9Alex$999
17 AprOslo9Alex$999
23 MayAmsterdam9Alex$999
27 JunHvar9Alex$999
31 JulWarsaw9Alex$999
4 SepLondon9Alex$999
9 OctNew York9Alex$999