Student | Hvar 2018

“It has been more than a week now that the program in Hvar has finished. How do I feel? Fucking great about myself. It has been more than a week now that the program in Hvar has finished. How do I feel? Fucking great about myself. With new confidence, pride in myself as who I am, and optimism for the future, this was one of the best decisions in my life. I won’t go into much detail here but I will try to pinpoint the main lessons I’ve got from the 4WN with Alex (learned to love this guy).

Why Alex? I felt like we would connect better. I am more of a thinker guy who’s not as crazy. My game (after getting rid of most of the ‘RSD conditioning’) has developed into a very authentic, normal style in which I work a lot with my vibe, eye contact, and body language. And Alex seemed to be THE guy for the paradigm shift I’m about to tell you.

Pretty much all my life I was insecure with myself. Period. I never accepted myself as the person I am and mostly saw the flaws in me. There were times in which I was in such a ‘game flow’ that the momentum I had in field covered it. But deep inside I saw myself as someone not being enough for beautiful women. This insecurity reached its peak not long ago due to a lifestyle only focussed on work and nothing else.

He’s a simple man. That’s for sure. He doesn’t rely on a lot of game tactics or anything. He gives you simple, but very powerful advice that also goes into other life areas. One of the biggest lessons I’ve got during the program are, that it’s completely fine to just be myself. I don’t need to force anything anymore. In contrast I rather need to take the pressure off and let things unfold in the moment.

Having an authority tell you that you’re enough is one part. The other part of this feeling came in the 4th week of the program (they call it the enlightenment phase). We were in the Hula Hula beach bar and I had this crazy moment in which I thought “It doesn’t matter what I say, everything that I say feels like gold!” I told about and in that moment I deserved my ring (equivalent to Alex’s polo for becoming a successful 4WN graduate).

Unfortunately short after I became sick and couldn’t talk for the last days on Hvar. Still managed to make out and get a hot Caribbean beauty DTF. Her friend was freaking hot as well, but due to some unfortunate circumstances (her friend didn’t have a D that night) I couldn’t get laid.

This feeling of finally being enough is just a HUGE shift for me personally and THE thing why it was worth (for me personally) to take the program. Of course we learned a lot of technical game stuff like screening, re-approaching, pulling etc. And I also learned a LOT from my fucking amazing peers. We’ve got a lot of infield breakdowns and seminars from the summit as an added bonus. And I wanna give some shout-outs to Luca and Federico as they were there for us and helped where they could. We were all hanging out as good friends and just by being in the presence of like-minded people pulls you up in an indescribable way.

I must say that I didn’t go out for more than 1 1/2 years before the program. And after the 3rd week I could go out and approach anybody. If it was a group of 2, of 3 or even a group of 6. Opening wasn’t a problem anymore. Getting where I want to be is a longer process and I am aware that the 4WN is NOT a magic pill to suddenly become a master with women. It’s one of the best things you can do to guide yourself into the right direction and elevate your life by implementing all the stuff and taking the right action. All about taking action!

Now that I have all this ‘knowing’, I only gotta put everything together and change my fucking life towards one of full happiness and abundance. And I’m very excited about the near future. I’m not scared of women anymore, because there is no reason why you’re not enough.

Thank you Alex, and everyone from my team in Hvar for this amazing experience.