The "4 Week Natural Method" As Observed By The World Most Experienced Pick Up Coach,

Hey Alex here,

A very warm welcome to the 4 Week Natural Foundations course.

What i’m sharing with you on this Foundations Course comes from the live programs I run around the world where I teach guys like you game and deal with the kinds of roadblocks and inner game sticking points that hold you back. 

I’m out there coaching guys like you right now and I’ve been doing this for 15 years. In Europe, South East Asia, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. 

If you want to make your game world class right now sign up and join me for live training. It’s the ultimate way to learn, experience results with women, and have a hell of an adventure. 
I want to get you started with the overview.
The time honoured and field tested method we use to pick up.
It’s not a method that I’ve simply thought out and decided to teach. 
No. It’s something that I’ve witnessed from going out to bars and clubs, parties and dates, by myself, with friends, and students since when this all began in 2006.
It’s a method I’ve observed and documented with infield video dozens of times. Clips of which you’ll see in the upcoming course.
Like learning anything new, you’re about to encounter phenomenon and concepts you’ve never heard before.
Picking up girls and the dating game is a counterintuitive, socially conditioned science that’s quite hard to see at first.
So pay attention. 

Every time you hear a new terminology or concept that doesn’t make sense to you, THAT’S YOUR CHANCE TO TAKE ON AN IDEA THAT’S GOING TO TAKE YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL!
Here we go with the first video. 

Four strange and mystical concepts await.
You Are Enough
The 4 Times Rule
The Front Door Rule
Enjoy, and speak soon.
Alex Social
The world’s most experienced Dating Coach