Day Game Phone Game

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Learn Daygame From The World’s Most Experienced INFIELD Pickup Coach

1. Instant Gratification


2. Intro, Setup & Preparation


3. Just GO!


4. Banging Your Head Against The Wall


5. Abundance Saturation


6. Dating Apps


7. Daygame Know-How


8. Daygame Skill-Set


9. Daygame Rejections


10. Social Media Pull Marketing


11. Your Mindset vs Girls Intention


12. Screening Masterclass


13. Phone Game & Text Game


14. Qualification & SOM


15. Objections & Seduction


16. Dates & Insta-Pulls


17. Flakes on the Phone


18. Multiple Relationships & Breakups


19. Bonus Daygame Student Breakdown With Ryan + Alex


20. DGPG Alex Classic Infield #1


21. DGPG Alex Classic Infield #2


22. DGPG Alex Classic Infield #3


23. DGPG Alex Classic Infield #4


24. DGPG Alex Classic Infield #5


Daygame Phone Game

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Day Game Phone Game Course
Day Game Phone Game 28 Hour Masterclass All Kinds Of Day Game Pick Up Concepts, Dating, Phone Game, Dating Apps, Social Media Texting And Relationships
✅ 28 Hour Video Presentation
✅ 8 Hours of Infield Video Breakdown
✅ 17 Modules
✅ Featuring Ryan Infield Video
✅ Instant Dates Masterclass
✅ Inner Game Of The Social Self
✅ Social Media Mastery
✅ Day Game Inner Game
✅ Day Game Masterclass
✅ Tinder Game Mastery
✅ Text Game Mastery
✅ Phone Game Mastery
✅ Dates And Multiple Relationships
✅ Bonus Ryan + Alex Full Student Breakdown
✅ Bonus 5 Classic Alex Infield Videos

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