Student | Hvar 2018

“If you are into game, and are able to take/afford a 4WN, but don’t take one, I would assume you are an idiot.

(I decided not to post any photos from the program, and I understand that this post may be extremely long, but I don’t want to make it any shorter)

The purpose of this testimonial is to answer the two questions:
– Should I take a 4WN?
– What was my experience on the 4WN (also regarding coaches)?

Short answer: if you are into game, and are able to take/afford a 4WN, but don’t take one, I would assume you are an idiot. I could write a book about my experience, and of all the best moments/stories/girls of the course, which changed my life forever.

Long answer: So I decided to write this testimonial as a result of my experience on the Hvar 4WN exceeding my expectations. Coming in to the program I was just average: 6 months into game (2 months after my first ever daygame approach), but somewhat of a natural in that I had decent social skills, a solid awareness of style/hygiene, and a satisfactory sexual history with women for my young age of 20. Taking the program was more of a proactive/preventative decision, as i knew (and still know) with passionate intensity that I had the potential to be great.

I came straight from partying in the Greek Islands, and was EXTREMELY nervous and excited to meet what I considered to be role models of mine (Alex), although we had never met. I could not wait to meet all the other students that I had already spoken to, or met before. I was living with Alex for the duration of the program, and was greeted on arrival at our accommodation to a cold beer from Alex. This small act is something I took note of… though extremely small and arguably meaningless, it showed me what sort of guy he was going to be.

The first week of the program was f***ing insane for me. It was like my whole life up to that point I was waiting for this week to happen. I wont go into the exact details, but it involved numerous Swedish stunners, Croatian models, ring presentations, and me saying “a gentlemen never remembers” quite a few times… i was beginning to see the way forward, and to see how some of the best guys in the world do it. The genesis of a naturally attractive guy had begun.

The following two weeks were then an UPHILL struggle: I had a few moments of breakdown, nights out where no girls seemed to be interested in me, and even a night where I had two failed pulls in the same night (seriously..). However, the general overall progression was MASSIVE. I developed incredible relationships with the other students spending hours almost till sunrise debriefing about girls/life/spirituality, met some truly breath-taking women, meditated by the beautiful Croatian water, and began to finally see the treasure that so many men so eagerly search for: the feeling of NRYNE.

THE DECISIVE MOMENT on my journey, and from this program I will remember forever, which cemented in my mind that if you “remain calm during disaster, and remember the bigger picture” (Alex) you will achieve greatness. It was when I was having a near-crying breakdown with a fellow student in the main Hvar square at 2:00am, telling him that I wasn’t meeting the right women, I had gone two weeks with minimal results after my first week of insanity, and how I had terrible anxiety. I saw an absolutely STUNNING blonde Russian girl walking through the square, and I decided I had to approach her (I had made eye contact with her hours earlier and by chance she was now walking past again… it was fate). Within 10 minutes we were kissing, and a moment I shared with her was the strongest masculine-feminine polarisation I had ever felt in my life, and felt something inside me while we stared at each other that I had never felt before. It was the most attractive girl I had ever madeout with till that point, and it occurred minutes after I was in full breakdown. This was the decisive point, or “englightenment” that Alex talks about. Also, out of a completely random chance, Alex walked through the city centre right past me seconds after this happened, and I had left the girl, as I was head in hands, sitting alone on a bench, feeling like I had just unlocked a new part of myself. He just laughed at me, and continued home with the amazing girl he was with…

The 4WN Summit also occurred, I turned 21 while on program (I had the best day of my entire life on a boat with stunning girls, and men that I looked up to), and I entered the final week of the program. The main change in the final week was the quality of girls I was with. I was around gorgeous flight attendants, stunning Dutch fashion designers, and cute little blonde Swedish girls, which im still in contact with. All of which i previously would not have been able to handle properly. I began to come full circle, spending a night with a girl on the “private” part of the beach at Carpe Diem Beach Club (if you know, you know..), which was the perfect way to spend my final night on course…

Alex was like a brother to me throughout the program. From telling me how to handle hot Swedish girls back at my place, to fistbumping me in the morning for my successes, to telling me mid-pull to “know when to lead, and know when to follow”, to talking me through my crippling anxiety in the club at 1am, to finally giving me a brotherly hug at the end of the program. I also witnessed one of the most advanced moments of game ive ever seen with Alex having 2 girls waiting outside the club for him while he opened a third girl who was scared to even hang around him because she knew she would “do something bad” if she did. He ended up pulling her, and dealt with the other two girls the next two nights… He taught me to be normal, have a holistic approach to game, talk slower, and generally how to be a good guy.

Coming into the program, Alex had been the biggest influence on my life out of any “influencers” I had consumed content from. After meeting him, I realised he was completely socially free, friendly, and could talk for hours about any question you asked him. I had one session with him, and he informed me to “have fun not getting laid” (i.e. don’t try to get sex, just be silly etc.), which resulted in complete hilarity with near pizza makeouts, and also with me trying to jump over tables in the club. He taught me to not care about what people think, have fun, how to embrace the chaos, and much more. A weight off my shoulders was lifted.

Alex summed up the coaching to me on the final night with “If we cant have a beer with each student, then we haven’t done our job right”. We cheers’d to that, and that was it…”

Start DateCityStudentsCoachDeposit
03 OctLondon9Alex$999
14 NovMelbourne9Alex$999
6 JanKoh Samui9Alex$999
7 FebSydney DayGame9Alex$999
13 MarAustin9Alex$999
17 AprOslo9Alex$999
23 MayAmsterdam9Alex$999
27 JunHvar9Alex$999
31 JulWarsaw9Alex$999
4 SepLondon9Alex$999
9 OctNew York9Alex$999