All 2020 programs will observe appropriate social distancing measures

4 Week Natural

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Get access to the world’s experienced dating and pickup coach. Train live for 33 days in bars, clubs, parks, and bookstores. Achieve social success like you never had before.

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*European 2020 Special Condition Immersive events.

$3,997 $2,697 for 24 days

All programs will be day game / phone game / dating apps / personal development / evening game / fashion / text game.

Maximum only 6 students per event.

2-1 student instructor ratio.

24 day training events.

Possible free bonus night club bar game where permitted.

Social distancing and local regulations strictly observed.

Hvar, Croatia (24 day Natural)
16 July - 9 August 2020
APPLY 2 spots left!
Amsterdam, Netherlands (24 day Natural)
14 August - 6 September 2020
APPLY 2 spots left!
Oslo, Norway (24 day Natural)
11 September - 4 October 2020
APPLY 3 spots left!
London, UK (24 day Natural)
9 October (24 day Natural) - 1 November 2020
APPLY 4 spots left!
Melbourne, Australia
20 November - 22 December 2020
APPLY 6 spots left!
Sydney, Australia
7 January - 8 February 2021
APPLY 9 spots left!
Bali, Indonesia
11 February - 15 March 2021
APPLY 9 spots left!
Austin, Texas, USA
25 March - 26 April 2021
APPLY 3 spots left!
Amsterdam, Netherlands
13 May - 14 June 2021
APPLY 9 spots left!
Hvar, Croatia
24 June - 26 July 2021
APPLY 9 spots left!
Oslo, Texas, USA
12 August - 13 September 2021
APPLY 9 spots left!

Alex is the most experienced dating coach in the world

I brought Alex into Real Social Dynamics because I wanted to learn from him... Alexander is one of the best in the game that has ever done it

RSD Tyler

4 Week Natural Curriculum

  • Night Game

    • Target selection: how to detect indications of interest
    • Incidental approaches: "It just happened"
    • Re-approach repeatedly to build familiarity without being needy
    • Create many leads, then double down on the best one
    • Establish physical comfort
    • Get accepted by her friends
    • Give her space to game you back
    • Escalate correctly and at the right time
    • Leave the venue with the girl smoothly without having to actively “pull”
  • Day Game

    • How to approach without putting pressure on the girl
    • Get the girl to invite you to continue the interaction
    • The proper balance between talking about yourself and learning about her
    • How to get the girl talking about herself without asking lots of questions
    • Prevent defensiveness
    • Make her wonder what happens next
    • How to make the number solid
  • Inner Game

    • Take control of your (lack of) motivation towards women
    • 33 day internalization that You Are Enough
    • Eliminate approach and social anxiety
    • Learn to see yourself as a leader to those you’re attracted to
    • Learn to enjoy rejection because you no longer see it as rejection at all
    • Liberate yourself to act freely in any situation
    • Face your darkest fears and biggest limitations under Alex’s guidance to reach resolution
    • Never be needy: internalize freedom from outcome
    • Reach relaxed arousal: state control and flow
    • Experience the enlightenment: acceptance of the self, the environment, and female psychology
  • Social Skills Masterclass

    • Dynamic openers
    • Maintain confident posture and body language
    • Vocal coaching
    • Show empathy by giving people an out
    • Screen quickly and effectively for logistics and availability
    • Validate other's egos
    • Express a full range of emotions
    • Learn to talk infinitely
    • Win frame battles
    • Overcome initial rejection
    • Attractive self-amusement
    • Win-win game: Achieve social success while building up everyone around you
  • Building Attraction

    • Establish an attractive frame immediately
    • Interact with her physically
    • Utilize Alex's arsenal of verbal lines that work
    • Create deliberate pauses
    • Keep her attention
    • Get girls qualifying themselves
    • Persist attractively
    • Be deliberately illogical
    • Give deep personality compliments
    • Create a fear of loss
    • Tailor your vibe to each individual girl
    • Master women’s shit tests
    • Build and maintain tension and arousal
  • Text Game & Online Game

    • Pick the right first photo to make her read more
    • Incorporate subsequent photos that check all the boxes
    • Write an engaging profile
    • Dating app photoshoot
    • Build your perceived value through Instagram
    • Keep her hooked over time
    • How to propose dates in a way where “no” doesn’t equal rejection

33 Days Live Pick Up Coaching Immersion

True Transformation

“I’ve done boot camps before, but I find myself falling back to old habits when going home”

Most dating coaches offer 3 day boot camps. Some offer 7 day immersions. But you know there is no such thing as a magic pick up line or technique. You didn’t come here for that. You’re here to become a better version of yourself – permanent and lasting transformation.

Work Exclusively with Alex, not an Assistant Coach

Alex will be your coach at every single session.

Most companies place you with an assistant coach for some of your infield sessions. Even though many guys want to be Alex’s assistant coaches, Alex doesn’t take them on because he knows you’re here to work with him directly.

24/7 Coaching Access + 16 Infield Sessions

You will have 8 day game, 8 night game, and 8 bonus (inner game, tinder game, etc) sessions evenly spread out over the duration of 4 weeks. That’s the equivalent of 2.5 bootcamps!

In addition, you will be able to contact Alex 24/7 throughout the entire program. Alex will never be far away.

Crush First Impressions

Alex will provide an ongoing fashion consultation to help you build your particular style and make sure you’re making a great first impression. You’ll go over hair, attire, grooming, and general visual aesthetics to perfect your look.

In addition, you will get an outlined health, workout, and nutrition game plan customized to you and designed to help you attain the look that you’d like to be able to achieve with your physique.

Become Your Strongest Self

It’s very hard to see at yourself from the outside the way others do. With experience, Alex has become extremely good at pinpointing the essence of your personality and how it affects how others perceive you. Blindspots, sticking points – Alex will tell you exactly what you need to do to make people perceive you as an attractive leader, and he’ll walk you through every step of building your new habits.

Convert Dates to Lovers

Say you meet a girl during the program. It might take a few days just to set up the date. With a bootcamp, your coach would already be long gone! But Alex will be there to help you every step of the way.

He’ll advise you on the best locations to go, what to do during the date and be right on the other side of the phone for any help you need DURING the date!

Win at Tinder

You will receive a full break down of your online dating accounts from improving your pictures to learning what to say. You will see real examples from Alex, see his personal accounts and learn how to get the same level of results INSTANTLY!


Besides coaching, Alex is also a professional photographer ( He’ll take professional-level pictures of you to take your Tinder profile to the next level.

Get Girls on Dates

Do girls often seem warm in person, but then never respond after giving you their contact info?

Alex will teach you how to use text game and social media to make girls actually become MORE interested over time.

Achieve Your Life Goals

Four 1 on 1 sessions with Alex talking about fears, past experiences, hopes, and dreams.

Friends for Life

After spending 4 weeks with your fellow students and going out together again and again, you’ll have friends for life who are cool and socially experienced. The perfect wingmen!

Learn from the Best Infield Videos

Access to the best infield video library in the world. These are videos that are too sensitive to be shown on the internet.

Become Part of the Tribe

Upon graduating from your program, you will be part of the 4 Week Natural Community. You will receive a custom-embroidered polo shirt, will be connected with the network of previous 4wN graduates around the world whom you can wing with, and will be welcome to meet up with Alex and the crew on any future 4wN program to catch up with Alex and participate in the shenanigans.


Offering Value Price
11 day skillset training $5,500* $1,332
11 day inner game mastery $5,500* $1,332
11 day emotional transformation $5,500* $1,332
Phone, text & date coaching $1,500 INCLUDED
Infield pickup video content $800 INCLUDED
Dating app photoshoot x 3 $2000 INCLUDED
Fashion and style makeover $1700 INCLUDED
Total $22,500 $2,697 USD**

*Based on Derek RSD bootcamp 2019 ($3,300 for 3 days). 4wN takes place over 33 days and 5 weekends.

**NOTE: The price of the 4 Week Natural will go up to $4,197 on January 1, 2021

Start your transformation

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available. Since Alex appreciates the challenges of being a young man, he wants the program to be available and affordable.

The structure we commonly use is that you place the normal 25% deposit, pay 25% to start program, 25% 4 weeks later, and the final 25% 4 weeks after that.

However, we are very selective about who to accept for a payment plan. We must be confident that you will honor your commitment to pay and that you will truly benefit from the program. To apply, please fill out the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a day job, would 4 Week Natural work with my schedule?​

4wN is the only program in the world designed to be taken alongside a 9-5 career. It's made to leave you with habits that will sustainable as opposed to giving you a crazy 3-day experience that will never transfer into your real life.

Alex will call you and assess your working hours and your other commitments, then structure your program to fit your schedule.

Of course, when we teach at vacation destinations such as Hvar and Thailand those are an exception. However, even there many students work remotely during the program.

Is 4wN a good fit for beginners?

4 Week Natural is designed to teach you to socialize with anyone, anywhere. Alex has coached every type of student so 4wN is effective both for beginners who are socially well adjusted as well as those who are socially maladjusted. If you’re a complete beginner who feels anxiety at the thought of approaching and talking to a stranger, let alone a beautiful girl, 4wN will open up a new world of connections for you.

Is 4wN a good fit for advanced students?

If you’ve already made progress in the social arena, congratulations! Alex will very quickly assess your current level, and if you’re ready to absorb more advanced concepts he will jump you ahead to those. Whether you’ve come to this site because you’ve hit a plateau or because you’re just looking to fix the small mistakes that may be costing you results, learning from such an experienced coach is a very effective way to reach your true potential.

What is the schedule of the program like?​

You’ll usually have 2 day game sessions and 2 night game sessions per week, as well as dedicated curriculum sessions. There will also be a 2 day recess about half-way through the program to allow you to relax, experiment on your own, or just spend time with your new wingmen from the program.

The exact dates and times are very flexible and will scheduled around your availability, commitments, and any unforeseen circumstances you run into.

You’ll also be able to request a session balance tiled more towards day game or night game if you prefer one over the other.

What are the usual times for coaching sessions?​

  • Day game: ~4-8
  • Curriculum: ~6-10
  • Night game: ~10:30-3

Is Alex going to be there for every session?​

Yes. Alex knows you’re here to work specifically with a world leading coach and not an assistant coach. He doesn’t work with any assistant coaches.

What is the infield student to instructor ratio?​

At most 3:1. Other companies in the industry go as high as 15:1.

All students are welcome to join every session to absorb by spectating, but the 3 in-session students get Alex’s primary attention.

What if I have a date during one of the scheduled coaching sessions?​

Take the date as a priority. Alex will reschedule your coaching session.

What happens if I get sick during the program?​

Students frequently get the common flu and we anticipate that. The program schedule is very flexible and we simply reschedule your sessions accordingly.

What happens after I complete the 4wN?​

4wN is designed to be the last pickup program you’ll ever take or need. At the same, after completing your program you will always be welcome to join us on subsequent programs to wing with Alex and the students infield. May of our graduates join us later on for adventures, good times, to catch up, and to re-experience the glory that is the 4wN.

Why is the program so cheap?​

Because we don’t want to price out young ambitious men who can really benefit from this program.

The reason we can offer this cheap price is because 4wN has a strong and simple coaching structure with a direct coach-student connection. In addition, since we stay in the same city for 30 days, our travel and accommodation expenses are low.

Do we book our own housing?

Yes. This helps keep the program tuition inexpensive, and we can focus directly on teaching you rather than managing accommodations.

Some students opt for very humble accommodations while others opt for luxurious accommodations.

Do you have any tips regarding accommodations?

Once you pay the deposit we’ll add you to a Facebook group for your program. Alex will advise you on the best districts to stay in your chosen city. Many students get together and share Airbnb apartments for the month. Some good resources are,,

What happens once I place my deposit?

You’ll receive an email instructing you to connect directly with Alex and with the 4wN Facebook group for your program to allow you to organize your experience.

Is there a money back guarantee?

At the conclusion of the program, under the condition that you participated in full, you may ask Alex for a complete refund. You must ask in person on the last day of the program.

Can I get my deposit back?

Yes, if you meet both of these conditions:

  1. Notice is given to us at the latest 45 days before the start date of the program you signed.
  2. When you contact us, it is still within 6 months since your deposit transaction date.

Are payment plans available?


How much money will I need to live during that month?

The cost of living greatly varies by city. You can check the price of accommodations on sites like Airbnb. Besides accommodations, living can be pretty cheap if you eat exclusively at grocery stores. In addition, Alex will ensure all venues you go to will be cheap or free.

How much money will I need for the fashion makeover?

No money is required. It’s at your discretion how much you want to invest to implement the advice Alex will give you. However, the recommendations are usually about 50-150 USD.

How many applicants are allowed per city?

We allow up to a maximum of 9 applicants per city so that Alex can focus individually on each student, and give you the attention that you deserve.

This also gives us the chance to divide everyone into “crews” of 3 people based on lifestyle and demographics that can team up and work with each other through the program and beyond.

What's your policy regarding alcohol during the program?

Take it easy on the alcohol during your program. Alcohol is not forbidden, but it’s also not encouraged. Alex will teach you to socialize in a non-inhibited without lcohol. If he feels you’re getting carried away with alcohol, Alex will point it out to you and will get you back on track.

Is it true that we get a custom-embroidered Ralph Lauren polo shirt for completing the program?​

Yes! It’s true, and you can even earn your polo shirt before the end of the program for enthusiastic participation.

Will my privacy and images be secure and protected during my 4wN experience?

4wN uses extensive media to share the experience online, but all students’ names and images will be censured and strictly protected.

Is it true that we get iPads to watch Alex's infield hotseat during the 4wN program

Yes. Alex has a fleet of iPads with all of his uncensored infield video for you to watch and learn from at your discretion during the program. These iPads contain all of Alex’s infield video since the beginning of time which can’t be found anywhere online. Since they’re uncensored, these videos are extremely sensitive.

What if I have an existing psychological or behavioral condition?

In rare cases, we do have students with conditions. Be sure to discuss any conditions that may impact your learning experience in depth with Alex before your program start date. Alex is trained as a psychologist to deal with a wide range of psychological or behavioral conditions.

Who are you looking to join this program?

Our ideal applicant is someone who’s a high-achiever, self-respecting, willing to invest in themselves, and wants to master every part of their life.

Are there anything I should do to prepare for the program?

Yes. Once you place your deposit, you get a 75% discount on our online learning resources. Alex created 3 programs designed to complement the 4 week natural: once each about night game, day game, and inner game. You will be referred to them upon placing your deposit.

Further questions? Request a call to discuss 4 Week Natural

Live coaching is a very personal experience. Alex is committed to providing you the best experience, so if you have any special needs, concerns, focus, or requests, please arrange a call with Alex.

Apply for 4 Week Natural Coaching

  • Make an application to Alex to ensure this program is suitable for you.
  • Place initial deposit of $999
  • Alex contacts you
  • Join Facebook event group with the other students on your program
  • Coordinate your accommodation
  • 33 day program

Placing a deposit does not guarantee acceptance into the program. If, after speaking with you, we consider you to be unable to complete the program, will not fit into the culture of the program, or might diminish the experience of other students, your deposit or payment will be refunded directly to your account with no charges incurred. If you are not accepted into the 4 week natural you apply for, we will advise you how you can make a successful application in the future.

Apply for Your Transformation and Place Deposit

Pricing & Payment Plans

Questions: contact us at [email protected]


"My fears were that I was too old. I'm 37... The thing about Alex's game is that it's a very generous and good-hearted game."

Student | Austin 2019

"I honestly have no words to say just how much I want to thank him... My life will never be the same."

Student | Melbourne 2019

"The results have been insane, especially after the course, my confidence has shot through the roof... and the quality of women I’m dating now, I wouldn’t have believed it a year ago."

The 4WN was honestly one of the best things I have ever done in my life. It was insane, fun, challenging, emotional at times and really fucking eye opening.

Before the course I wasn’t completely shit with girls, but I was definitely making it WAY harder than it had to be. A night out would sometimes feel like a second job, It was pretty exhausting. I would second guess myself on everything and always felt like I needed to watch more content and keep adding more and more stuff before I got good.

Now after the program I honestly don’t even have to think about it. The results have been insane, especially after the course, my confidence has shot through the roof, I feel calm as fuck in social situations and the quality of women I’m dating now, I wouldn’t have believed it a year ago.

Alex is an amazing coach. I was actually blown away by his skill at coaching alone. He is SO patient with you. Doesn’t matter how silly your questions are, he will take the time to listen and explain it to you in a way that will just “hit”. Everyone on the program got different advice and drills to match their personality and work on the areas they needed to work on. He is a genuinely caring dude and super encouraging. He taught me some huge life lessons like being the leader of others. And simple little things like don’t be so excited when talking to people because it’s draining, which made a huge difference in my social life. Not to mention he is fucking fun to go on a night out with. You will definitely have a shit ton of crazy stories after hanging out with this lad!

After the program my game got even better. I put way less effort into now. I actually enjoy the girls I'm with. I’m traveling Asia running my business with a group of legends.

The course is really fucking fun. Also frustrating and emotional at times. But for the most part really god damn fun. Which is exactly how your dating life should be. Not some big stressful self development exercise that takes all of your time. HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who’s interested in it!

Sam F
Student | Thailand 2019

"He can read people so well. Not just the sets, also the students. He understands what you need and how he can help you the most."

Student | London 2015

"He is very emotionally insightful about where you are as a student and he'll tell you what your biggest flaws are and that's a big thing. We're still friends to this day."

Student | London 2016

"You're getting the results you've always wanted and it hasn't been any sort of trying or anything difficult at all... You were just genuinely having fun naturally."

Student | Hvar 2019

"I can't go on without mentioning his integrity as a man as well. Alex went above and beyond to teach us the game...the cherry on top was a threesome the last day of the program"

A few weeks ago I had the honor and the privilege of attending a 4wn program with some really bad mother fuckers. Some straight up hustlers. We all came from across the nation with different backgrounds, different things driving us, different expectations of the program. We all had at least one thing in common, that's for damn sure. We were there to learn how to get fucking laid. And learn we fucking did.

Our program took place in Austin, Texas. The best party city, in the greatest state, in the greatest nation, in the whole entire world. Let a native Texan tell you this - the only bearable months of Texas weather to any visitor are in April and October. Our program was in April. Springtime was in full swing. Women were in sundresses, the schools were about to be let out, and all of the parks were green with fresh growth. Everything was sexy. The program was set for success from the outset.

Alex has better game than anyone I've ever seen. He pulled or had the opportunity to pull some fucking stunners almost every time I saw him out. I see Alex excels in a few areas of the game. That is in his AWARENESS of the venue, His ability to CONNECT with open sets, his process of SCREENING the girls upon meeting them, and the CORRECT FOLLOW UP with the girls if they are not ready to go home that night. Big surprise - many are down to go home that night. There are so many lessons just in each of these categories - and more - I could go on about them for a very long time. Seeing all of this happen is a mind-altering experience. Most of the lessons I could not have learned without seeing the man in action and being in set with him.

I can't go on without mentioning his integrity as a man as well. Alex went above and beyond to teach us the game. Not only is a real mother fucking g, but he's a good man at heart. He's an excellent coach... with a very direct and tactful style of communication. He (alex too) uses pattern interrupts and other methods to change behaviour and then redirect you the right way. super fascinating stuff. I'm happy to know him and to say I studied under him.

The first few days were exciting. We met Alex, got over being star struck, and went out to the bar. The first day he just watched us to get a sense of who we are and how he can teach us to get more results.

He got a sense of who we were pretty quickly. After that, we were run through the curriculum for the remainder of the program. It was certainly challenging, I stretched socially and emotionally in ways i never had before. It was all a blast!! ... but by week 3 the dark times had come... but soon we all passed through it and emerged changed men.

By week 4.... bro it wasn't even fair. Under the watchful eyes Alex we had all leveled up and were killing it in field. Pulling left and right - make outs here and there, it was great.

During the program (April), I sealed the deal with 4 girls, the cherry on top was a threesome the last day of the program with me two hotties and a bottle of tequila

<3 God it was a great time. I still talk to both girls. There were many more that got away, and many MANY more memorable sets and interactions I remember fondly.

In the next month living on 6th I got with 4 more. one was a former stripper, one I pulled after knowing her for 50 min (personal record), one was a super fine 20 yo, the 4th was the craziest girl I've ever been with. - I have a few more girls to seal the deal with this month before I close the Austin Chapter of the game and bring my skills down to Houston.

FOR me 4wn was about living out a life that I committed to as soon as I found out about the game a few years ago. I got into the game to use getting pussy as a vehicle for personal growth, and damn did it deliver. After I took the program, my closest friend commented that I carry myself differently and have more confidence. My dress and hygiene is better (Alex James I floss every day now lol) I even scored differently on the Myers-Briggs personality test after taking the course! I am literally a different person now that I've gone through this program. I would do the course again, will do it in the future, and would recommend you do the same.

There's no reason you're not enough. Self-esteem is the foundation for all success. Fuck bitches get money.

Student | Austin 2018

"A 3 day bootcamp will not be able to do that for you. And I can tell you that because I have taken bootcamps...I was able to pull 2 new girls a week."

Student | Austin 2019

"A couple of my friends did the program last year and I saw the transformation...They had a completely different vibe to them. A lot more attractive as people."

Student | London 2019

"The first 2 or 3 weeks I wasn't really getting laid...the last week I got laid a few times. It just felt effortless."

Daniel N
Student | Austin 2019

"It has been more than a week now that the program in Hvar has finished. How do I feel? Fucking great about myself."

It has been more than a week now that the program in Hvar has finished. How do I feel? Fucking great about myself. With new confidence, pride in myself as who I am, and optimism for the future, this was one of the best decisions in my life. I won't go into much detail here but I will try to pinpoint the main lessons I've got from the 4WN with Alex (learned to love this guy).

Why Alex? I felt like we would connect better. I am more of a thinker guy who's not as crazy. My game (after getting rid of most of the 'RSD conditioning') has developed into a very authentic, normal style in which I work a lot with my vibe, eye contact, and body language. And Alex seemed to be THE guy for the paradigm shift I'm about to tell you.

Pretty much all my life I was insecure with myself. Period. I never accepted myself as the person I am and mostly saw the flaws in me. There were times in which I was in such a 'game flow' that the momentum I had in field covered it. But deep inside I saw myself as someone not being enough for beautiful women. This insecurity reached its peak not long ago due to a lifestyle only focussed on work and nothing else.

He's a simple man. That's for sure. He doesn't rely on a lot of game tactics or anything. He gives you simple, but very powerful advice that also goes into other life areas.

One of the biggest lessons I've got during the program are, that it's completely fine to just be myself. I don't need to force anything anymore. In contrast I rather need to take the pressure off and let things unfold in the moment.

Having an authority tell you that you're enough is one part. The other part of this feeling came in the 4th week of the program (they call it the enlightenment phase). We were in the Hula Hula beach bar and I had this crazy moment in which I thought "It doesn't matter what I say, everything that I say feels like gold!" I told about and in that moment I deserved my ring (equivalent to Alex's polo for becoming a successful 4WN graduate).

Unfortunately short after I became sick and couldn't talk for the last days on Hvar. Still managed to make out and get a hot Caribbean beauty DTF. Her friend was freaking hot as well, but due to some unfortunate circumstances (her friend didn't have a D that night) I couldn't get laid.

This feeling of finally being enough is just a HUGE shift for me personally and THE thing why it was worth (for me personally) to take the program. Of course we learned a lot of technical game stuff like screening, re-approaching, pulling etc. And I also learned a LOT from my fucking amazing peers. We've got a lot of infield breakdowns and seminars from the summit as an added bonus. And I wanna give some shout-outs to Luca and Federico as they were there for us and helped where they could. We were all hanging out as good friends and just by being in the presence of like-minded people pulls you up in an indescribable way.

I must say that I didn't go out for more than 1 1/2 years before the program. And after the 3rd week I could go out and approach anybody. If it was a group of 2, of 3 or even a group of 6. Opening wasn't a problem anymore. Getting where I want to be is a longer process and I am aware that the 4WN is NOT a magic pill to suddenly become a master with women. It's one of the best things you can do to guide yourself into the right direction and elevate your life by implementing all the stuff and taking the right action. All about taking action!

Now that I have all this 'knowing', I only gotta put everything together and change my fucking life towards one of full happiness and abundance. And I'm very excited about the near future. I'm not scared of women anymore, because there is no reason why you're not enough.

Thank you Alex, and everyone from my team in Hvar for this amazing experience.

Student | Hvar 2018

"Alex became the big brother I never had."

Student | Austin 2019

"He's very direct as far as what it is that you need to do, what it is that you need to improve... I had a same day lay today... and I credit that to the breakthrough that I had this week."

Student | London 2019

"One over a month or two months might actually like me and hook up with me. And truth was for a period of time I thought that's how it's supposed to be."

Student | London 2018

"If you are into game, and are able to take/afford a 4WN, but don’t take one, I would assume you are an idiot."

(I decided not to post any photos from the program, and I understand that this post may be extremely long, but I don’t want to make it any shorter)

The purpose of this testimonial is to answer the two questions: - Should I take a 4WN? - What was my experience on the 4WN (also regarding coaches)?

Short answer: if you are into game, and are able to take/afford a 4WN, but don’t take one, I would assume you are an idiot. I could write a book about my experience, and of all the best moments/stories/girls of the course, which changed my life forever.

Long answer: So I decided to write this testimonial as a result of my experience on the Hvar 4WN exceeding my expectations. Coming in to the program I was just average: 6 months into game (2 months after my first ever daygame approach), but somewhat of a natural in that I had decent social skills, a solid awareness of style/hygiene, and a satisfactory sexual history with women for my young age of 20. Taking the program was more of a proactive/preventative decision, as i knew (and still know) with passionate intensity that I had the potential to be great.

I came straight from partying in the Greek Islands, and was EXTREMELY nervous and excited to meet what I considered to be role models of mine (Alex), although we had never met. I could not wait to meet all the other students that I had already spoken to, or met before. I was living with Alex for the duration of the program, and was greeted on arrival at our accommodation to a cold beer from Alex. This small act is something I took note of… though extremely small and arguably meaningless, it showed me what sort of guy he was going to be.

The first week of the program was f***ing insane for me. It was like my whole life up to that point I was waiting for this week to happen. I wont go into the exact details, but it involved numerous Swedish stunners, Croatian models, ring presentations, and me saying “a gentlemen never remembers” quite a few times… i was beginning to see the way forward, and to see how some of the best guys in the world do it. The genesis of a naturally attractive guy had begun.

The following two weeks were then an UPHILL struggle: I had a few moments of breakdown, nights out where no girls seemed to be interested in me, and even a night where I had two failed pulls in the same night (seriously..). However, the general overall progression was MASSIVE. I developed incredible relationships with the other students spending hours almost till sunrise debriefing about girls/life/spirituality, met some truly breath-taking women, meditated by the beautiful Croatian water, and began to finally see the treasure that so many men so eagerly search for: the feeling of NRYNE.

THE DECISIVE MOMENT on my journey, and from this program I will remember forever, which cemented in my mind that if you “remain calm during disaster, and remember the bigger picture” (Alex) you will achieve greatness. It was when I was having a near-crying breakdown with a fellow student in the main Hvar square at 2:00am, telling him that I wasn’t meeting the right women, I had gone two weeks with minimal results after my first week of insanity, and how I had terrible anxiety. I saw an absolutely STUNNING blonde Russian girl walking through the square, and I decided I had to approach her (I had made eye contact with her hours earlier and by chance she was now walking past again… it was fate). Within 10 minutes we were kissing, and a moment I shared with her was the strongest masculine-feminine polarisation I had ever felt in my life, and felt something inside me while we stared at each other that I had never felt before. It was the most attractive girl I had ever madeout with till that point, and it occurred minutes after I was in full breakdown. This was the decisive point, or “englightenment” that Alex talks about. Also, out of a completely random chance, Alex walked through the city centre right past me seconds after this happened, and I had left the girl, as I was head in hands, sitting alone on a bench, feeling like I had just unlocked a new part of myself. He just laughed at me, and continued home with the amazing girl he was with…

The 4WN Summit also occurred, I turned 21 while on program (I had the best day of my entire life on a boat with stunning girls, and men that I looked up to), and I entered the final week of the program. The main change in the final week was the quality of girls I was with. I was around gorgeous flight attendants, stunning Dutch fashion designers, and cute little blonde Swedish girls, which im still in contact with. All of which i previously would not have been able to handle properly. I began to come full circle, spending a night with a girl on the “private” part of the beach at Carpe Diem Beach Club (if you know, you know..), which was the perfect way to spend my final night on course…

Alex was like a brother to me throughout the program. From telling me how to handle hot Swedish girls back at my place, to fistbumping me in the morning for my successes, to telling me mid-pull to “know when to lead, and know when to follow”, to talking me through my crippling anxiety in the club at 1am, to finally giving me a brotherly hug at the end of the program. I also witnessed one of the most advanced moments of game ive ever seen with Alex having 2 girls waiting outside the club for him while he opened a third girl who was scared to even hang around him because she knew she would “do something bad” if she did. He ended up pulling her, and dealt with the other two girls the next two nights... He taught me to be normal, have a holistic approach to game, talk slower, and generally how to be a good guy.

Coming into the program, Alex had been the biggest influence on my life out of any “influencers” I had consumed content from. After meeting him, I realised he was completely socially free, friendly, and could talk for hours about any question you asked him. I had one session with him, and he informed me to “have fun not getting laid” (i.e. don’t try to get sex, just be silly etc.), which resulted in complete hilarity with near pizza makeouts, and also with me trying to jump over tables in the club. He taught me to not care about what people think, have fun, how to embrace the chaos, and much more. A weight off my shoulders was lifted.

Alex summed up the coaching to me on the final night with “If we cant have a beer with each student, then we haven’t done our job right”. We cheers’d to that, and that was it…

Student | Hvar 2018

"His ability to look at you as a person and your character and expose things about your personality and yourself that you might not have realized before, but that will change you fundamentally"

Student | Munich 2018

"Alex has described me as a social juggernaut... take that step back and let people come to you."

Student | Melbourne 2019

"10 months later, I’ve been through the most amazing relationship"

I'm writing this review almost 10 months after taking the Melbourne 4wn natural program with Alex and I look back on that time as one of the most impactful, life affirming and self-realising months of my life. I set aside all my commitments for that month and just treated it like a holiday in Melbourne (which was not my home city at the time) and allowed myself to completely unwind and follow the process with what I found to be a great coach and an awesome bunch of people. I approached the program with the goal of learning how to have more fun, I tried to take in all that Alex had to offer and put myself out there as much as I could which at first was exhausting for a shy and introverted person like myself. I found out very quickly that Alex is an exceptional coach with an incredibly honed (freakishly honed) skill set of reading people, personality types, and adjusting his coaching style to suite your needs. It was obvious Alex coached each person differently and I could see this reflected positively in their approach to socialising. Personally, he allowed me to share my story and everything that I felt like was making me feel upset or insecure (It all came out in our second night game session…), after making me feel heard and supporting me through my inner mental hurdles we began working on my goals. Alex provided simple drills and tasks each session, all of which were progressive in difficulty, highly useful and hilariously fun, each of them allowed me to unwind just that little bit more. It really did take until the end of the program, one of our last outings until I arrived at the bar and sat there with the group of guys and simply felt completely unrestricted, excited, open, comfortable and just happy to be there with no barriers between me and anyone in the bar. It was such a plain yet incredibly powerful experience that I still remember having that epiphany 10 months later, it was also an incredible relief having such a piece of mind in a social setting where it otherwise would have been reeling with all sorts of unhelpful thoughts. I honestly would never consider taking a program shorter than a month long because it really does take that much if not longer to make an impactful change on your lifestyle and habits. 10 months later, I’ve been through the most amazing relationship, now recently single, I found that all the lessons and positive experiences are still there fresh in my mind and I’ve had no hesitation in talking to anyone whatsoever. My future feels free and open and I hope you get the same thing out of it too.

Student | Melbourne 2018

"He has known me in such a deep way. I've gotten to know myself in such a deep way."

Student | Oslo 2019

"Once your mind is stretched and you create new experiences for yourself, your mind can’t return to where it was before the program."

I have attended other live programs in the past and I can confidently say that the 4 Week Natural is the ideal program structure for a student of any skill level. The amount of time spent with an instructor for the price of the program has to be hands down the best dollar per hour value that you can get from a live program. It is an intense immersion system with classroom level theory, field application and then debrief. Over and over again so that the fundamental themes are drilled into your focus.

As an instructor, Alex doesn’t just bark instructions at you in a one-size-fits-all manner. Alex takes the time to get to know each student, their personalities, their strengths and he wants to know your goals and where you want to get so that he can tailor the experience to what you want to achieve. I’ve taken other programs where the instructors are very rigid in what they teach. With Alex, you will feel like you’re out with an old friend who knows your personality but also knows how to get you to expand your comfort zone and celebrates your wins with you.

I had been out of the game for a while when I signed up for my program. My approach anxiety was through the roof. But after focusing on the simple fundamental framework that Alex teaches, and the repetition of the program, I was able to approach groups without being pushed, getting makeouts in the venue and leading girls by hand out of the bar to another location. For me, that was a drastic change in abilities in only 2-3 weeks time.

One of the beautiful things about a program like this is that once your mind is stretched and you create new experiences for yourself, your mind can’t return to where it was before the program. When program is over, you’ll carry with you the new things you’ve learned that can’t be erased. You carry with you the things you did that you didn’t think you could do. And that creates a new higher baseline of confidence even aflter Alex is gone.

Outside of the actual field work you do, Alex will consult on your fashion/presentation, take high quality photos for your dating apps, text game and follow up and a whole lot more. Its not just dating advice, its lifestyle advice too.

In order for real breakthroughs or paradigm-shifts to take root, a weekend or even week-long live program simply can’t be as effective as the 4 Week Natural Program. With the quality of instruction from Alex, time spent in field with him, length of the program and the additional consultation for all the other aspects of your dating life, 4WN is hands-down the best value for your money and the most fun I’ve had on any program period. I can’t thank Alex enough for all the value he puts into the program, and the effort he gives for you to get the most out of it.

Student | Austin 2019

"Sign up for 4 Week Natural and just watch how your whole life changes for the better. Guaranteed."

Student | Munich 2018

"Before joining the program I began going out... Unfortunately I was struggling. Very rare success with girls."

Student | London 2018

"It blew my expectations out of that water, quite honestly. I think what Alex has put together here is really special."

Student | Austin 2019

"What was really inspiring was seeing the change start to take place in the other students."

Hi 4WN world 🌎 . If you are considering doing a 4WN, hopefully this will help you make the right decision. It’s my experience this past month (Sep-Oct) in London. Enjoy!

It’s hard to know where to start. How do you put into words one of the most deep and real emotional experiences of your life? How do you communicate the feelings that come with growth and the “ultimate state of evolution”? All I can really do here is record my own experience, my own change, my own results, and my own 4 Week Natural. That really summarises what is the best part of this program: it’s tailored to you and your own character. I was never treated as just some other student – none of us were. It wasn’t a “one size fits all” way of thinking. We were treated as real people, with very real expectations and very real compassion, and that’s what brought out our best. And who better to bring out the best in you, hold you accountable, and teach you everything you need to know about Game, but the best in the world himself: Alex.

From the beginning we were on a mission - six of us, all from different walks of life. We each wanted change, and we each wanted the answers to so many questions. When Alex first greeted us, he had a gleam in his eye; and by the end of the program I could see something similar in each of my fellow students. He told us what to expect, both emotionally and physically, and he told us what he expected from us. The atmosphere was electric.

After the introduction it was straight to business - our first night out. From the first venue, Alex was straight on it: “I can see what level everyone is at, just by watching them in set now…”. He gave me such useful feedback from the get go. He encouraged me not to camp too long on one particular group, and before I knew it I had a good thing going with an attractive blonde at the bar. Our team already had the attention of most of the girls at the first venue; we were the guys to meet. Alex told me to “float” out with my girl, and I walked her out when the venue closed (I would later learn that this is one of the most crucial parts of the Game – the front door rule).

The first weekend was incredible fun. I opened more “sets” than I could count, and learnt so much that my brain literally hurt. It was brilliant. The de-briefs following each session were beyond next level and beyond what we could have ever expected. Alex explained our interactions and the psychology at play (both in us and the women we met) to incredible depth and high level. From the beginning it opened up a new way of thinking, and more importantly a much healthier understanding of ourselves and of women, including what they desire and how they feel. He was patient and answered all of our questions. Some of what he told us was difficult to hear because it demanded real change within us, and letting go of parts of our own way of thinking, but that’s why we chose to do it - not for cheap results but for authentic internal change, understanding and freedom. What really hit home was how passionate Alex was, regardless of if he was tired or had had no sleep, everyday he was always on point. He also gave us so so many bonus sessions (both day game and night game), bonus infield breakdown, and bonus de-briefs. He was so invested in our success. It was awesome.

The best part was doing it with the other guys. Our stories, our moxie, and our results created an amazing and competitive group dynamic. It‘s called the “honeymoon period” in the beginning, because everyone is so positive and empowered. In terms of results... well... let’s just say every time we met up everyone had an adventure to tell – even after the bonus sessions. The days of leaving the club alone were a thing of the past (or at least became a rarity). In terms of daygame, I had three instadates and a number on the first weekend from only four approaches. This became the normal for all of us. Everyday I would wake up, look at my phone, and it would be either full of messages from girls I had approached, or unbelievable stories posted on the group chat from the night out before. It was insanity.

As the program progressed everyone had more and more success, but what was really inspiring was seeing the change start to take place in the other students. One of the guys who had initially come across as a very serious person, became brighter in the face and more expressive, and to a different student, I remember saying “Dude you look really happy and relaxed..” “I know.. it’s like Alex has pulled the plug on a lot of the stuff I had in my head before.. now there are no feels good”. The effect Alex was having on us, and that we were having on each other, was very real. I can’t quite describe the feeling of knowing that your coach and fellow students are watching you in set, fighting off chodes in the club, telling you what to do next, pushing you beyond your comfort zone. When we got results and demonstrated the principles of Natural Game, Alex would be ecstatic – it was a powerful thing. He taught us proper screening, how to structure the night, full range of expression, front door rule, the list goes on. Our group was solid; most of us already had a lot of experience from the beginning, which meant that we each learnt so much from one another, as well as our coach.

Although I was leaving with new people almost every night (one night I actually front doored a girl and her entire Spanish family - FDR for the win 💪 ), I still couldn’t yet say “a gentleman never remembers”...but that all changed for me in the final two weeks. I don’t have enough words here to describe what happened, but it ultimately pushed me through my comfort threshold once and for all. By the second day of weekend 3, I came to Alex and the rest of the group for our afternoon debrief. As an emotional wreck (I had had about 7 hours sleep over the past 3 days solid), I recounted to Alex and the guys what had happened to me the night before. A 5 star girl (Russian), had pulled ME from outside the local bar, and walked me with her friends to the McDonalds down the street. She tested me and tested me and tested me.. constantly. All I did was hold my value, and eat my McFlurry. By ‪4am‬ it was just us left on the street.. and soon an Uber driver. A gentleman never remembers what happened next... and a gentleman never remembers what had happened the night previous, or the night previous to that, or the previous weekend either. It was the end of my struggles to evolve past my self doubts and fears with women. The events of that week was the ultimate proof to myself that there is no reason why I am not enough. Never again am I allowed to ask myself “am I attractive?” That dialogue no longer exists in my brain. After I recounted the story, Alex shook my hand, and awarded me the first polo of 4WN London 2018.

The learning and growth did not end there. At my halftime talk with Alex, he helped me understand and accept how I express myself, and how I contribute to other people, both men and women. I said “now that I have the polo... and after all that has happened this week.. I now feel like I have nothing left to prove”. He paused.. “be careful with that statement... because what you have just said is inherently ‘play to not lose’”. It helped me realise that in the Game, and in life, I have EVERYTHING to prove. There’s always more adventures to be had, more people to meet, more girls to fight for, more life experiences to enjoy - and THAT is truly ‘play to win’.

To top it off, Alex also took us out to take Tinder photos with his Hasselblad professional camera (this photo shoot itself is worth 2K.. but he gave it us for free as part of the program). We also had the chance to meet the other 4WN alumni in London, which was a great opportunity to network.

It was mega to have Luca join us in our final week. I am lucky to have known Luca from back in the day, and if you ever have a chance to work with him - then do. His charisma and genuine friendliness, is inspiring to be around, and I feel like he effortlessly brings out the best in those around him. He helped me understand a lot of what I was going through and helped me process the experience I was having on the program, which was an important part of the learning process for me.

At the end of the program we all celebrated together; no longer just students but steadfast friends. Each of us had earned our polo, and each of us had earned each others’ respect. It was so sad when the time came for Alex to leave, and I could have sworn I saw a tear in his eye when he did 😉. After he had left, we each shared a cigar, and each of us shared to the group what we respected about each other individually. It was my favourite moment of the program. I didn’t know these guys 4 weeks previous.. but now I felt like I had known them for years. They think like me, they share the same values that I do, and they are good people.

How has the 4WN changed my life? The two biggest takeaways for me was that there really is no reason why I’m not enough, which I learnt from the experiences and adventures. The second is my motivation to bring out the best of the girl when I meet her. I want to find out who she is - her positive emotions, her negative emotions, her sexuality, her heart’s desire, how she likes to express herself, all that good stuff. I’m inspired to approach by her beauty, elegance and expression, but I’m motivated to approach to find out what we can create and the best person I can bring out of her. That’s what sparks the gleam in my eye, and that is my role as a man. There are no more rules, and no more Game conditioning, no more social conditioning fogging it up. I simply ask myself “how can I make this easy for her, and how can I make this easy for me?” Simples.

Alex I can’t thank you enough man. You changed the Game for us all, and the 4WNLondon2018 salutes you. 
4 times rule FTW


Student | London 2018

"My brother is going to do the program next year. My best friend as well."

Student | Oslo 2019

"I learned things that I never thought about before and I really feel like I'm growing and changing."

Student | Hvar 2019

"I can honestly say that I’ve slept with and dated girls that would fit right in on the catwalk. I’ve had so many one night stands that I don’t care for them anymore."

As I’m now in my thirties I look back and think of what was the best of times, what was the best investments I ever did.

The best of times were weekends with the boys, parties, festivals, hunting, hiking, and laughing shitloads. And of course – hooking up with girls at the same times.

The best investments I ever did was time and money into personal development. I have done two bootcamps with 4WN, one in Oslo and one in Helsinki some years later. The first time I there was something in the back of my head nagging about the amount of money I was spending. The success I had after, hook-ups and the girlfriend I got, made me not care about the money at all. Looking back I would have paid more. The second bootcamp the money didn’t matter – I knew that Alex was going to deliver and that this would take the rest of my life in a different direction. And he did. I slept with 10 girls during the bootcamp and had so much fun with the guys. I am actually going to a festival this summer in Germany with two of the guys I met at the Oslo bootcamp way back. I am also keeping in touch with many of the Helsinki guys.

After the bootcamps it has just been so much easier meeting girls and getting the girls I want. I can honestly say that I’ve slept with and dated girls that would fit right in on the catwalk. I’ve had so many one night stands that I don’t care for them anymore unless the girl is super hot (and cool) or it’s a threesome with cuties. And yes I’ve had threesomes and I fucking loved it. And age? I hooked up with a banging hot 19 year old this year. There is not much left on my bucket list when it comes to the dating/sex world.

For anyone who meeting girls is an issue, or you want that super hot girlfriend, or just bang hotties – I would not hesitate to do Alex’ bootcamp. I think the long format of it is 100% NECESSARY to change how your brain works and have some lasting change in your psychology. And I can’t imagine anyone better than Alex to coach you.

Alex is really good at forming the program for you, based on your personality type. Giving you the right challenges to make a mental switch. SO many nights I went up to Alex and said that I wasn’t feeling it, or whatever it was. Alex would say one sentence and it completely switched my night around. From shit to amazing. This happened again and again, and was something me and the guys were fascinated from.

After both bootcamps I felt that alex went beyond what I hoped for. At the end of it he gives you direction for the future – and this was extremely helpful for me both times. You definitely get the feeling that you are connecting with Alex on a human/friend level as well. And he puts a lot of effort into finding out what your issues are, and most important move forward from them.

All in all. You will never regret it – it can only make you better. The money doesn’t mean shit when you have gotten 100x the success you would with just doing the same shit as before.

Student | Oslo 2018

"This is the third program I've taken with different companies and no joke, this is the best one."

Student | Austin 2019

"He can figure you out quite quickly and he genuinely does care... It is the case that we become friends afterwards."

Student | London 2019

"Working with Alex James and the 4WNatural program literally saved my life."

Working with Alex James and the 4WNatural program literally saved my life. Prior to working with Alex, I was an emotional mess. My self esteem and self confidence was very low. And surprisingly, I am quite an accomplished man in many aspects of my life, but I suffered this lack of self confidence for most of my life. Working with Alex and watching his YouTube Channel completely changed my life. I have never felt so good and so healthy and so self confident. I believe every high school senior should work with Alex. It would save them a lifetime of heart aches and disappointment. These five letters saved my life: NRYNE. No Reason You’re Not Enough. Brilliant! And it’s all from Alex James.

Whenever I worked with Alex, he gave me his undivided attention. Even when he had eleven other students, Alex always made me feel like I was his only one. He is the consummate professional and his knowledge of women and relationships is second to no one. He is the real deal and I highly recommended any man of any age to work with Alex and take advantage of his knowledge and life lessons.

My only regret is that I had to wait till I was much older in life to meet Alex. I have never felt better about myself since working with him. Alex James is simply, THE BEST!!

Student | Sydney 2017

"Alex is one of the best coaches I've ever met and I've met the most famous and known ones in the industry"

Student | Oslo 2019

"He got to the real core of what was needed for each individual student even if it was hard for them to hear... I really noticed the deep change in each and every one of us throughout the program."

Student | London 2018

"If you want the results come to the person who's actually going to give you a month of time with nothing but answers that you are looking for."

Student | Melbourne 2018

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